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The Ultimate Method to Quit Porn

Conquer your cravings,
Forge bulletproof habits,
and build unshakable sexual self-control

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If you've been struggling to quit porn, and are finding yourself stuck in endless relapse & binge cycles, then it's likely that your porn-quitting attempts are focused on the wrong things.

Conventional "porn-quitting methods" tend to promise a straight-forward path to recovery... but all it takes is to simply try them out to find out how lacking these methods are when it comes to generating reliable results.

The reality is that most guys attempting to quit fall into an endless "try-relapse-repeat" cycle that they cannot seem to escape from.

In order to break free from this pattern of failure you need to learn how to tackle the the porn habit on a deeper level

The core obstacle to quitting porn is what I call the "split-mind problem".

Your split mind is your inner Jekyll and Hyde.

One of your selves has the intention to do good things (this is the rational, intelligent part of you).

The other self has the intention to get pleasure (this is the instinctual, feeling-driven side of you).

The rational, intelligent self knows using porn is a bad idea, and is sick of repeating the same old screen routine, over and over again.

This part knows that you need to stop wasting time watching porn, because it's draining your energy and causing issues throughout the rest of your life.

But on the other hand, your feeling-driven instinctual self craves to consumes as much novelty, variety and stimulation as possible.

This is the side of you that is always seeking instant gratification...  trying to fill your emotional bucket with the next video, the next tab, the next 'scrolling app', the next brain snack.

When your rational self wants to get projects complete and goals achieved...

...but your instinctual self has wants novelty-nuggets and digital stimulation...

...you MUST have a strategy for negotiating between the two.

If you DON'T have a good strategy, your instinctual self will almost always win-out, and drive you towards some immediate-gratification pleasure, and drain all your motivation to pursue your goals.

Unfortunately, the core strategy most guys use to deal with this part of themselves, also happens to be the WORST strategy of all.

It's called "white-knuckling".

The worst strategy for dealing with your "split Mind"...

White knuckling is a strategy of trying to FORCE yourself by sheer willpower alone, to not indulge in the "bad stuff".

And it's a strategy that almost ALWAYS backfires.

More often than not, it will lead you to a downward spiral, and eventually a binge.

In the good old days, when video-games were pixellated, and porn had to be rented from video-stores, white knuckling was a fine strategy to get you through cravings.

The barrier to entry to porn was so high, that every guy had a built-in failsafe against their instinctual self's desire for immediate gratification.

25 years ago, you had to actually WALK into a video-store, and find your way into the 'special interest' section...

... which required you to be out in public, interact with the store clerk, and carry physical video tapes (or magazines) back to your house.

Nowadays, we couldn't fathom going through that.

You can now open 30 incognito tabs of your "favorite sites" in less than a minute.

And you can do it on your laptop or phone, any time you want.

The invention of the smart smartphone meant that every "rogue sexual urge" could turn into a black hole of sexual self-stimulation in less time than it would take to put a videotape into the machine.

You basically carry a digital drug dealer in your pocket 24/7... 

...and can score a 'fix' with a couple of lazy movements of your thumb.

Modern, high-speed porn has
outpaced our level of self development

Self discipline is a fundamentally different game than it was 20-30 years ago, and as a result, you need to learn the new rules of the game.

Unless you get your rational & instinctual self working as ONE, then you'll forever be controlled by the urges & cravings of the moment that are stronger and more immediately accessible than ever before.

If you're a guy, you can no longer be complacent about your sexuality, because there are billions of dollars of algorithms and technology studying your every scroll, click, and thumb-swipe.

Given that porn can completely consume guys' lives, there is a lot at stake here.

Unless you want to be systematically harvested of your resources and potential by the pleasure-makers of our time, you need to raise your level of self discipline to thrive in our modern technological world.

Here's why this matters:

If you're here, it probably means you've tried to quit porn before, and failed. 

Many guys who come to me have previously tried to quit porn 10, 20, even 50 times before, only to end in a relapse (and often multi-month binges).

In my 8 years coaching thousands guys to quit porn, the number one issue I see that trips guys up over and over, is this reliance on the "old technology" of white-knuckling to quit porn.

Trying to white knuckle your cravings in the high-stimulation internet age is like trying to defeat an enemy equipped with space-age weaponry by wielding a stone-age club and spear.

The algorithms are just too powerful to tackle with sheer willpower.

White knuckling CAN get you through a couple days of no porn (or maybe even a couple weeks)...

...but when you're up against modern technology, it's almost impossible to quit porn for good if you use this strategy alone.

To quit porn in the modern era, you will have to put in a new level of effort into repairing this "Split Mind" that exists within you. 

The traditional "reboot" fails
to address the Split Mind Issue.

In case you're unfamiliar with the concept, in internet-language, the term "reboot" is applied to an attempt to quit porn for 90 days.

The idea is that you reset your brain and it goes back to normal after a few months of abstinence.

Rebooting became popular about 10 years ago, right as a studies began to emerge about heavy porn use, and its long-term side effects on many parts of the brain and body.

As a result, there have been THOUSANDS of tricks, tips and "hacks" that have been thrown around on reddit and public forums.

However, the "90-day reboot" methods floating around the internet are all great in theory, but when the rubber meets the road, they usually fail to deliver the goods.

A lot of what you'll see as "methods" for for the reboot, either don't work at all, or they only work the first few times, until you blow right through your safeguards.

For example, take porn-filters.

Great idea in theory.

Seems like it *should* be bulletproof.

However, in practice, a good percentage of guys quickly figure out how to get around it just as QUICKLY as they can open an incognito browser.

"Bypassing the porn filter" becomes a game, and can even make the final reward *that much* more enticing (OR they just get used to turning the porn-filter on and off whenever they want).

A porn filter is useful, but ONLY as a part of a comprehensive, whole-life strategy.  

If porn filters represent one side of the advice you'll hear online, the other side is filled with bro-science, like...

"Just do pushups, bro"

As the bro-theory goes, every time you feel a craving, you should step away from the computer and do pushups until your cravings subside.

Just like the web-filter, it sounds like a great idea...

...but are you REALLY going to do push-ups every time you're triggered and want to watch porn?

Are you going to do pushups in the middle of the night when you can't fall asleep, and you can't get that fantasy out of your head?

Are you going to do pushups when you're exhausted on the couch, after a crappy day at work, and you're hit with strong urges "mid-scroll"?

From my personal experience with thousands of guys, the answer is a resounding: "No".

Ultimately, none of these "one-click" strategies work for the long term.

The reason is because the REAL enemy is much more powerful than most guys anticipate.

I refer to it as the "Dopamine Industrial Complex".

The "dopamine industrial complex"
has a vice for every craving.

The reality is, porn is a 100 billion dollar industry that piggy backs on the technology of the trillion dollar dopamine industrial complex (otherwise known as the "attention economy").

There are armies of the smartest engineers and programmers in the world, all dedicated to stealing catching and keeping your attention in every way possible.

They have supercomputers, server-farms, and AI-powered algorithms that can feed you the right "novelty nugget" at the right time of day, to keep you doom-scrolling, chimp-clicking, and swiping like screen-zombie.

When THIS is what you're up against, it goes without saying that white knuckling your way through cravings isn't going to get you far.

Every year, this system only gets stronger, and more embedded into the operating system of your everyday life.

And so, after years of coaching, experimenting and rigorous testing, I built a system that I believe can help you quit porn, conquer your cravings and change your relationship to your screen forever.

Introducing The Reforged Man

The Reforged Man is your NEW operating system for how to deal with your emotional peaks and valleys without turning to your favorite infinite-scrolling site to unplug from your reality, and plug yourself into the "system".

First, let me be clear:

The Reforged Man is NOT a magic pill.

Not everything will be fun.

You won't miraculously wake up super focused, motivated, and protected against distraction.

You will have to face some hard truths about your behavior, and you WILL have to learn new strategies for dealing with painful, uncomfortable emotions.

You will learn the habits and behaviors that you're NOT doing that you SHOULD be doing... and if you DO them in the right order, you'll be able to quit porn and unlock a whole new level of personal discipline.  

(payment plan now available)

"Reforging" is more than rebooting.

As I've already said, the traditional reboot implies you can 'flip a switch' on your brain by quitting porn for 90 days, and your life will go back to normal after the time's up.

Making it past 30 days clean is a real struggle for most recovering porn users (and even if they make it that far, all their old habits and websites are patiently waiting for them to come back, cave-in and go right back to their old ways).

Reforging is vastly superior to rebooting.

The Reforge process walks you through every corner of your life, your mind, your habits, and your internal operating system to render it invincible to the porn-virus.

Porn is a symptom, not a Cause

There are copious studies (and  more than enough anecdotal evidence) showing us that porn "causes" issues with the dopamine & reward system of brain... impairs the brain's ability to form meaningful relationships with real people... erectile dysfunction... your ability to focus... your motivation... and much more.

But NONE of that is addressing WHY you turn to porn in the first place.

When I ask a coaching client in one of our first sessions WHY they relapsed, the most common answer is:

"I don't know...  I just did..."

Very rarely, have they actually paid close attention to the web of psychological and circumstantial reasons why they're turning to porn.

And more often than not, they have trained themselves to reach for this vice over and over again, to the point that it has become a program that runs automatically under certain conditions.

Basically, it all has to do with your autopilot behaviors.

And it's your "autopilot" responses that truly dictate how your day will (or won't) go...

Your Autopilot behaviors control your life

In the last two decades, you've been trained like a monkey in a sick experiment to 'click video, get pleasure'.

Most guys start their addiction to porn in adolescence, when all they know is that their raging hormones respond well to the ladies flaunting their assets on screen.

The average guy in his 20's has probably accrued 10,000 hours in internet and videogame time (at least), with a concerning chunk of that being porn use.

There's a theory about mastery that says it takes 10,000 hours to master any skill (and much LESS if the reward circuits are activated)

In the case of porn, I think the 10,000 hour rule works BOTH WAYS.

In martial arts, practicing for 10,000 hours will deeply train your body to fight without you thinking about it.

In music, 10,000 hours of practice will mean your fingers will know exactly what fret, what key, what string to go to WITHOUT thinking about it.

In a sense, mastery IS autopilot, at its highest level.

And here's the flipside. 

When you spend 10,000 hours on the internet... watching porn... playing videogames... you become an EXPERT at seeking and acquiring novelty, self-stimulation and self-pleasuring.

By the time most guys have reached adulthood, they have completely MASTERED the art of finding the "perfect porn video", getting themselves off in their "favorite way", and covering their tracks by clearing their history or using incognito mode.

In the case of porn, your autopilot habits have now become a negative, draining force on your life.

However, there's ONE MORE thing that creates the VORTEX of autopilot.

It's something that, by its very nature, is what guys avoid:


Escapism is the enemy

This is the big one.

Porn is an escape. And a powerful one at that.

On some level, ALL addictions are escapes from reality, but porn is a modern omnipresent escape that we as a culture haven't developed a response to.

Porn is an escape from feeling bored, feeling horny, anxious, depressed, stressed, angry (and everything in between).

In the same way that a child reaches for their binky or comfort blanket, the average guy reaches for porn, social media and video-games.

And when we use an external behavior as a "comfort mechanism" to escape reality we train ourselves to retreat into fantasy at the first sign of discomfort.

(Take special note of this if you scroll-yourself-to-sleep at night or scroll-yourself-awake in the morning)

When you're 'escaping' into autopilot porn-use, chances are you're avoiding feelings that you don't want to feel.

For example:

  • When you feel stress or anxiety, do you 'run away' into your screen? 
  • At the end of the day, do you retreat into a hole of Netflix & junk food
  • Before you start work, do you distract yourself with zombie-scrolling just to pass the time?

If you do any of these things on a regular basis, you're escaping into porn, apps, and the digital world as a "self-soothing strategy."

The good news is, once you handle your autopilot escapist behaviors (the biggest one being porn), you gain back a whole load of mental RAM that was previously being taken up by endless novelty-seeking behavior.

I'm not saying it's easy to do this.

I'm saying it's worth doing, no matter what it takes.

Because you're literally making the choice between sleepwalking (or sleepscrolling) through life, or making your life into a masterpiece of high-performance focus, habits and relationships.

And it was primarily BECAUSE it's not easy, that I was forced to develop a complete system for quitting porn, mastering yourself, and becoming a man you admire, called REFORGED MAN.

Instead of the Autopilot Escapism reflex that leads you down the road of porn, distraction, and self-pleasuring...

...Reforged Man will teach you now to PROCESS your emotional experience in a healthy, mature, high-character way that you can feel proud of.  

(payment plan now available)


The Reforged Man course is a 20-hour megacourse designed by me personally, after nearly a decade of coaching guys on how to quit porn.

I've been interacting with thousands of guys in my private forums, youtube channel and email list for a long enough time that I've seen, heard, and witnessed everything.

I've been the personal coach to guys of all walks of life, all with one thing in common: a porn problem.

Now let's get to the course:

  • In module 1: you'll learn how to heal the "split mind" and implement the 4-Part Sexual Self Mastery Workflow. You'll be guided through the exact steps that every guy must know if he wants to master the sexual urges and cravings in his life.  (This is the key "superpower" that gives you the ability to take the sexual power back from porn and put it back into living a productive, fulfilling life.)
  • In module 2: you'll practice a "lightning rod" technique for handling triggers, cravings, and urges using a 3-step grounding & centering practice that I prescribe every guy who comes to me to quit porn. (Think of this as a 'counter-craving' strategy that you can use whenever you feel strong cravings towards porn and sexual stimulation.)
  • In module 3: you'll understand how to psychologically align your thoughts, emotions, and instincts so that all parts of you are willing & motivated to quit porn.  (This step is easily overlooked - but is one of the MOST important steps for long-term recovery.  I recommend coming back to this module multiple times, in order to give yourself a "mental tune up" whenever your motivation is dropping.)
  • In module 4: you'll learn two advanced "willpower calibration & sharpening" techniques. These two techniques give you the ability ride the waves of willpower throughout your day, so you can take advantage of peak willpower times, and mitigate downside of willpower slumps.  
  • In module 5: the rubber meets the road, and you'll create a whole new operating system for your life, with a habit replacement strategy that will cover the full spectrum of your life.  This is the core module where you'll reprogram your autopilot, set up your "porn safeguards", develop a system of rock-solid accountability, and practice bulletproof daily routines that "bookend" your day with habits that guarantee you'll be constantly making progress in your most important areas of life.
  • In module 6: this is where you'll learn the "No Forcefield" (a strategy I call Negation), that gives you the ability to stop undesirable porn-habits dead in their tracks WITHOUT repressing or suppressing your desires.  By practicing this skill, you will be able to create a "ring of protection" around yourself, that will keep the bad stuff out, and let the good stuff in.  (which will translate to much more than quitting porn, and is a crucial skill for a successful reboot).
  • In module 7:  The way you speak to yourself matters.  This module is all about healthy self talk that destroys negative, self-deceptive thinking, and magnifies high-quality inner dialogue that keeps you from spiraling into a self-loathing.  (This is NOT your average "positive thinking and unicorns" strategy.  It's a powerful method I developed especially for quitting porn, that addresses the key issues that guys face while going through the different phases of the Reforge).
  • In module 8: Constructive affirmation (and why your "yes" matters just as much as your "no"). You'll learn how to tap into this mindset any time you like, instead of being dependent on your 'mood of the moment'.  (At the core of this is your ability to control and direct your own mind towards constructive, rather than destructive thinking, which is a keystone of quitting any addiction)
  • In module 9:  Sexual Transmutation and the C.U.T. method - this method took me years to discover, and it can be executed in just a few minutes.  At the core of the method is the ability to transform cravings and sexual desire into energy, willpower, and productivity. As a man, there is almost no skill more useful and more powerful than this. If there was a "cheat code" to quitting porn that I recommend learning, it's the CUT method.
  • In module 10: The three types of presence (and why you *must* learn all three if you want to develop sexual self mastery.  This is an antifragile mindset that allows you to dynamically shift from deep presence in the moment, visualizion of the future, and reflection on the past.  By the end of this module, you'll have everything you need to quit porn, get productive, and live a life you're proud to live. Every module has been carefully crafted to build on each other.

Once you've gone through the course once, you'll have the chance to revisit any video that seems relevant to your situation - and this can be a perfect safety behavior for when you're triggered.

(payment plan now available)

(If You're Truly Committed)

Again, this is a 20-hour course that was designed from years of experience working with guys from all over the world, who all had the same problem.

I build the Reforged Man because it's exactly what I would've needed when I went through my reboot process.

It took me years to figure this out for myself, and then years to distill it down into an operating system that other men could use.

The methods in system have been road-tested by thousands of guys, and I've put them all in once place for you to access any time you like.

Don't get this course if you're just going to leave it half-finished.

ONLY buy this course if you're ready to start valuing your own time, energy and FUTURE enough that you're willing to sacrifice your bad habits for good habits.

If you go in with a luke-warm "maybe I'll only watch porn on weekends" attitude, don't even bother buying this course.

it's up to you to decide...
are you worth the effort?

There's a catch to all this:

YOU have got to decide that YOU are worth it.  

The sad secret of most porn-users is that they don't think they are worth the serious effort required to quit porn.

This is another way of saying that most guys don't think they are worthy of the reward of a porn-free life.

Yes, they agree that porn is damaging to their life.

Yes, they agree that quitting would do them a whole world of GOOD.

But the final step that every man must take is deciding that he is worth the effort to change.

Ultimately it's up to you.

The price of this course is barely the cost of a couple therapy sessions (and I've lost count of how many guys who've told me their therapist doesn't believe they have a 'porn problem').

Right now, you can't even buy an hour of my time for the same as my 20-hour course (having a Youtube channel means I've had to increase my rates to limit access to me).

If you really want to make big changes in your life, it's time to make a decision:

1. Do you click off this tab, and keep scrolling the same old same old, potentially ending up down a black-hole of porn?


2. Do you take the leap and finally make getting clean a priority in your life.

So what are you going to do?

Click below if you're ready to get started 💪

(payment plan now available)


Who are you and why should I listen to you?

In case you haven't met me, I'm the founder and creator of the Universal Man Youtube Channel that has generated millions of views.  I've been creating videos on how to quit porn, get productive, and live your best life for nearly a decade.

Additionally, there was a period where I was the "head coach" of the NoFap organization and ran their officially sponsored porn-recovery program.

I also am the founder of a private (i.e. paid) masculine development community called The Vanguard, which is currently 400+ guys strong.

How long does it take to complete the course?

You could watch the course on 2x speed in a single day if you like but you won't get much out of it.

Every guy learns differently, so you MIGHT need to rip through it at 2x speed to get an overview, and then go back through it systematically, video by video, to get

If you're serious about this, you'll treat this course like your new 'home' for the next while, and you'll do all the exercises I lay out, in the order that I lay them out.

Ideally, you'll do at least 90 days working with the course, until it becomes second nature.

Will The Reforged Man help me overcome my _____ fetish?

It all depends on whether this was a porn-induced fetish, or a pre-existing fetish.

Porn-induced fetishes (ones you didn't have before porn) tend to disappear altogether or greatly diminish upon a successful Reforge.

Natural/pre-existing fetishes may not disappear... but they can. It depends on how deeply and seriously you run the reconditioning practices.

Regardless, a proper reforge will put all fetishes under the control of your conscious choice as to whether you act on them or not.

Will The Reforged Man help me deal with erectile dysfunction, or delayed ejaculation?

Maybe.  I'd love to offer you an absolute 'yes' on this, but every guy's situation is different.

Chances are, if you're healthy, experiencing erectile dysfunction AND you're using porn every day, then quitting porn FIRST is a smart move.

There have been a huge number of rebooting accounts where quitting porn have led to a complete cure of sexual dysfunction.

However, there are no guarantees in this world and your level of commitment will play a BIG role in what kind of results you get.

Can I sample the content before I buy? 

I have a Youtube channel called Universal Man that is 100% dedicated to bringing you the highest quality recovery advice on the internet.

If you want a high-quality sample of my content, check out my Sexual Self Mastery series, Porn Free QnA (here's a link to ALL of my playlists).

If none of these impress you, don't even think about trying the Reforged Man.

If you like the videos, and get a lot out of them, then the Reforged Man is for you.

(payment plan now available)

P.S. If you're not sure whether you want the full "porn-quitting system" that I'm offering here, make sure to check out my popular Youtube channel, Universal Man, where you'll be able to watch my Sexual Self Mastery series and my Porn-Free FAQ's.