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YOUR NEW “SECRET WEAPON” for personal transformation

Unlock the power of a masculine support system
supercharged by bleeding-edge self-development systems.

If you’re ready to charge the front lines of life head on, you’ll want two things:

  • A crew of like-minded men to have your back and help you win
  • Top-of-the-line mental tools and strategies that will help you take your life to the next level

With the Vanguard you get both.

If you want to conquer yourself and unleash your apex potential, then there’s no reason to go at it alone and uninformed. Stay plugged in here and keep leveling up!

If you don’t already know me, my name is Mark Queppet.

I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life committed to finding out what it takes for men to cut down on their vices, build their willpower and ultimately achieve lives that they feel inspired by.  

I’ve helped thousands of guys quit porn, cut down on video-games, curb their smart-phone addiction, start solid workout routines, implement high performance habits, build businesses and ultimately take their lives to the next level.

There are two things I’ve learned that are absolutely ESSENTIAL for performing at a high level:

1. you need a team

Athletes have coaches, teams and often entire armies of people behind them.

Authors have their publishers, editors and agents.

Entrepreneurs have coaches, mentors, business managers, consultants and employees.  

Great podcasters have side-men, audio engineers and a lineup of guests.

My point is…

Even the “superstars” of the world don’t do it alone.

They’ve learned how to overcome the easy path of to ‘just doing it yourself’.

We naturally prefer this because there’s no one to answer to (and no one can see you fail)

But going it alone isn’t a recipe for maximum success.

High performers surround themselves with people who pull them up to the next level of mindset, performance and achievement.

They know they need help, so they get it.  

On to the second thing…

2. You Need a SYSTEM

In order to get good results, you need to have a coordinated way of doing things that lets you operate smoothly and effectively.

The problem is today’s man is totally off balance in our modern world of masssive stimulation and distraction.

Our technology has evolved so much, that it’s completely outpaced our level of self development.

It’s no surprise so many guys are struggling.

Nearly every waking minute of our lives, we’re bombarded by temptation & vice:

…our phones tease us with infinite-scroll distractions, designed to syphon our curiosity, poke our politics and pull our heart strings (all in the name of harvesting your attention and profiting from your clicks).

…with just a tap & swipe, you can have fast food & alcohol delivered straight to your door.

…and if that’s not enough, there’s and endless supply of virtual video-game worlds you can run around in.

The bottom line is this:

In the modern world, if you don’t have a willpower-training system, you’re going to be more likely to get stuck in ‘autopilot escapism spirals’.

After nearly a decade coaching men, I knew there needed to be a training-ground for men to both learn the knowledge they need to know, and practice the skills to take into their lives.

So I created The Vanguard.

It’s a full-spectrum willpower development system that will give you the tools to slay the modern day dragons of temptation, escapism and mundane vice.


The Vanguard 2.0

This is an ‘updated’ and upgraded version of my original Vanguard community, that has been following me on Patreon for these last few years

I’ve been running masculine development communities for 6 years.

My original community was a partnership with Alexander Rhodes of NoFap, as the ‘head NoFap coach’.

The Vanguard 2.0 is an the latest iteration of my community management experience synthesized with my most up to date self-development systems.

If you’ve found me through my Youtube videos, and are hungry to take the work deeper and further, chances are you’d be a good candidate for the Vanguard community.


  • Ready to quit porn, video games, or some other screen-addiction that is sucking away your time & energy.  
  • Interested in learning advanced willpower mechanics and strategies to make your ideal life a reality
  • Are wanting & willing to get accountable to other men… to share your journey with guys who can give you the right encouragement and advice (right when you need it)
  • Know you can do 10x better in your life, if you could just get your unhealthy addictions and obsessions taken care of (or dialed down to a minimum)
  • Are willing to take new actions, think new thoughts, and do new things in order to achieve new and better results in your life.  

Warning: No Chumps Allowed.


  • You are an entitled whiner who wants everything for free and is unwilling to invest in yourself by putting financial skin in the game.
  • You just want a place to complain about your problems, and not do anything to change them. 
  • You are looking for a one-time magic pill for your problems and are unwilling to embrace the life-long process of iterative personal evolution
  • You can’t take straight advice from other guys without blowing up the internet (no trolls allowed)
  • You can’t take a joke, and take things too seriously (this work really requires a good sense of humor)

There are two tiers, and they’re all PACKED with everything you need to get to the next level in your life.

Trooper Membership
$5 / Month
Discord community chat
Community forum
Monthly Live Call
The backlog of exclusive Vancast podcasts
Elite Membership
$60 / Month
Everything from Trooper Plus:
Monthly Apex Report Print Newsletter
Radiant Willcraft advanced guide on the CUT, CLAIM, and reCLAIM techniques (also print)
Weekly Live Calls & their Recordings
Big Win Community Accountability Tracker

Here’s Everything you get



This is where you’ll get my bleeding-edge, “for-your-eyes-only” information.

The Apex Report is where I take deep dives into masculine development topics in a format that is impossible to do on YouTube (where I need to treat everybody as a ‘beginner’ and can only scratch the surface on topics.)

Consider this your ongoing, advanced weapons-training for the mind. 

Every month you’ll rip open the envelope, sit down for 30-45minutes, and absorb a powerful lesson that you can apply to your life immediately

Each issue will be roughly the equivalent of a brand new product from me, month after month.

This will be the only place that my latest, most cutting-edge ideas will be available.

Note: This is a PRINTED newsletter, in an envelope, delivered to your mailbox.  

I do this to purposely to create a fundamentally different relationship with information you consume through the internet.

(I’m confident you’ll love it)



This is your chance to connect with me and all the other guys in The Vanguard.

Most guys don’t have a place to come together and talk seriously about self development. This is the place for that.

You’ll get to interact with me directly.  Listen to the other guys’ questions. Ask questions of your own. 

And most importantly, be live and ‘on the line’ with a bunch of guys with the same enthusiasm for living on the front lines of life as you.



The core of evolution is ITERATION.

When you have a strong weekly accountability system in place, you remove the chance for those prolonged spirals into poor behavior.

Every week you can check in, course-correct and level up.

I’ll answer your questions and coach you in a live, unfiltered format.

The guys who utilize these calls make some of the best progress I’ve seen ANYWHERE.

(And when my “regular” coaching rate is above $500/h right now — and I’m not currently taking clients, this is also an insane value)

These calls will be recorded, so you can revisit them any time within your members area.



I can’t tell you how many times people ask about the CUT, CLAIM, and reCLAIM methods.

This is my ‘swiss army knife’ trilogy of internal tools help you gain control of your willpower, and direct it exactly where you want it to go. 

You’ll receive it in the mail in the first month that you subscribe.

It’s a set of advanced willpower strategies to bridge the gap between your head and your heart, and finally get yourself to the place you want to be in your life.

By mastering these methods, you’ll be mastering a core aspect of the Universal Man system. 

You can read more details about the Radiant Willcraft Guide below.



This is your 24/7 live chat to other guys in the Vanguard. 

You can download Discord onto your phone or computer, and get in contact with the community immediately.

There are men from all over the world, in every timezone.  Some guys have been in The Vanguard for years.  Others are new.

This is your chance to get support from a private community — and to give support to other men going through the same journey as you.



This is your place to track your streaks, be accountable, and post your recovery journals.

The forum is only accessible to Vanguard members.

You can look through past threads, and absorb the progress of hundreds of other guys — learning from their mistakes, and getting yourself into a quality headspace of recovery.

Private forums are one of the best ways to track your progress, get useful feedback, and learn from the triumphs and struggles of other men.



You want accountability? This is it.

This is where the rubber meets the road.

It will be a shared spreadsheet where you have access to your own row, and you’ll be able to track your BIG WIN (or ‘main objective’), for accountability with the rest of The Vanguard.

You can participate in ongoing “accountability challenges” every year, and turn this whole process of self-development into a game.

You can track your streaks, habits, along with the core ‘power-rituals’ that I’ve developed.

These rituals cut through the BS of the self help world, and streamline the process of getting your life working, getting productive and ultimately thriving



You’ll get access to over 150 episodes of my private podcast, ‘The Vancast’.  

These episodes were basically my science lab, where most of my newest ideas grew from.

It’s perfect to pop on and listen to whenever you’re looking for something to point your mind in the right direction.

Trooper Membership
$5 / Month
Discord community chat
Community forum
Monthly Live Call
The backlog of exclusive Vancast podcasts
Elite Membership
$60 / Month
Everything from Trooper Plus:
Monthly Apex Report Print Newsletter
Radiant Willcraft advanced guide on the CUT, CLAIM, and reCLAIM techniques (also print)
Weekly Live Calls & their Recordings
Big Win Community Accountability Tracker



You’ll receive this with your first issue, in your first month. (This is also a printed book, not available as a download.)

It’s required reading of The Vanguard 2.0 community.

This guide is my swiss-army knife for all things willpower-related.

It covers three methods I use on a near-daily basis, that sharpen willpower, focus the mind and supercharge your productivity. Namely…

The “Power Trio” of Radiant Willcraft: CLAIM, CUT and reCLAIM (these are essential techniques for your dragon-slaying toolkit)

  • The CLAIM™ technique to generate energy, action and forward momentum on your goals.
  • The CUT™ Method to overcome unwanted behaviors and overcome cravings and addictions in the moment
  • The reCLAIM™ technique to heal your underlying projections, insecurities and dissatisfactions that distract you from your true intentions

Plus much more – here’s a bit of what you’ll find:

  • A counter-intuitive strategy guide to getting what you want without burning yourself to the ground. 
  • How to break the chains of ‘comfort slavery’.  This is a pernicious and vicious kind of slavery that erodes the core of your ability to get things done in the world.  And there is a simple cure.
  • The difference between ‘light side’ willpower (what I call psychofission) and ‘dark side’ willpower (psychofusion).  (This is one of my most important breakthroughs, and I go in depth here)
  • Learn how to ‘cut your own autopilot puppet strings’.   This includes everything from escapist addictions, chronic porn-use & PMO addiction, and videogame addictions.   
  • How to get to the end of your day and feel COMPLETE… knowing that you nailed the day.  (As men, we crave this, but so few guys ever learn how to achieve it).  
  • Why most guys get ‘status’ and ‘self worth’ mixed up — and how that causes so many issues when it comes to getting stuff done.
  • How to create ‘snapshot goals’ that calibrate your compass for the right action, in the right direction.
  • Why pre-gratitude can be much more powerful than conventional gratitude lists (this is way more powerful, and works much better)
  • How to SHARPENING your thoughts so you can use them as power-tools. (this is literally the antidote to “soft thinking”)
  • The difference between macro and micro goal-achievement strategies — you need both, but they need to be balanced in a particular way
  • How to use micro manifestation loops to inform practical next actions
  • How to use macro manifestation to create long-term visions that pull you forward into a more powerful version of yourself
  • Two techniques that prevent you from becoming a “click-scroll puppet” for Big Tech.
  • How to ‘transmute’ cravings, urges and temptation. You’ll learn to transform them into effective action that fuels your personal evolution
  • The Black Hole to Supernova technique (a unique process that puts you in an unbeatable mindset against cravings, urges and temptations)
  • The core self-talk strategies to employ when you want to turn your head round, and get it facing in the right direction.
  • How to handle powerful emotions like jealousy, lust, greed and resentment (these can either be poison or fuel — depending on whether you know how to transmute them)
  • The fastforward-fantasy trick — that essentially lets you have your cake and eat it too, where you “get” the thing you want while avoiding any bad habits.
  • A condensed version of the entire Radiant Willcraft System that you can print out and keep in your pocket.


Who is Mark Queppet?

Hopefully you know me by now, but in case we haven’t been introduced, I’ve had 7 years as a p*rn recovery coach with 100+ one-on-one clients helped directly. 

I’ve been running masculine self-development communities for 6 years, and was the original head-coach for NoFap in 2014.

I’ve created 180+ Youtube videos, with 3.8 million views 95,000+ subscribers — and the entire channel is dedicated to men reclaiming their power from digital-vices

I’ve also been running The Vanguard since 2018, and the version you see on this page is its latest upgrade.

Why are you moving away from Patreon?

There’s a bunch of reasons to do this, but straight up the biggest reason is that I don’t trust Patreon.

They deplatform creators who they disagree with. I see porn use and masculinity becoming a hot button issues into the future and I refuse to bow down to any mainstream narrative that I might disagree with.

I’ve taken the opporutnity to bring The Vanguard in-house, and add a truckload of new stuff to it.  

Can I get personal coaching from you?

Yes, but most people find it more cost effective to work with me via the Vanguard. You can check it out on my coaching page here.


(names withheld for obvious privacy reasons)

“I’m so grateful to your for your invaluable lessons. I really appreciate that you’re taking the time and putting in the effort to help guys like me who seriously want to improve their lives. You are like a brother that I never had but always needed.” ~ R.D.

“Mark was crazy helpful tonight [on the call]. I’m gonna want to re listen to the recording a few times to get it to sink in, so the sooner you can have that up, the better! No pressure but…have some pressure!  ~ L.T.

“Mark I want to thank you for your amazing work.  I am in that journey of a porn reboot, and your Man of Action and Sexual Self Mastery series are just fantastic.  I’m certain that you’re the best content creator about self development here.”  I.N.

“Your Anabolic Optimism guide was really helpful, allowing me to end an unhappiness period I experienced recently (though I admit it was a bit hard to handle at first). Thankyou!” ~ V.C. 

“You’ve tremendously helped me with your content in the past, especially with the dopamine detox series and rebooting my brain from the toxic effects of pornography and social media. I am very much looking forward to watching and studying your new content. ” ~ S.A. 

“hah I love you dude. Thanks for always hitting my inbox right when I need it.” ~ J.S. 

“I went through your Reforged Man Program and I am currently on Day 105 :). That never … EVER happened in the last 20 years (I’m 32). You’ve given me so much thank you, and blessings.” ~ S.M. 

“The last time we spoke I was somewhere around my 30ish day streak on my Hard Mode Reboot. I’m now somewhere over 130 days without PMO, so I firstly want to say thank you for all your help so far on my journey” ~ D.F. 

“What can i say, this is just amazing, i’ve never watched the reboot from that perspective. I’ve always tried to make so many things all together and always wondered why I failed so many times after that. Your videos just brighten me and fill me every time with motivation to keep travelling!” ~ T.B. 

“Thank you so much for sharing the metascript method with me! It is a refreshing way to start transforming the way I behave in life, I’m quite excited to start doing it.” ~ C.B. 

“I am a 28 year old guy from *****, was struggling to get things done in my life and get rid of bad feelings from the past that kept haunting me,  and found by accident your videos.I read your Metascript and Anabolic Optimism, and it was a MASSIVE shift in my way of thinking, especially the optimism principles, I learned to finally process my bad feelings about the past and treat them as lessons (pain is power wrapped in a puzzle), when I extracted the lessons, the bad feelings just got away and that was amazing. I am feeling much happier and don’t feel my thoughts being hijacked in the middle of the day by bad feelings.” ~ M.P

“Hey Mark, My name is *******, I am 20 years old. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated and loved the Reboot Regimen Guide, I have been watching your channel for about 6 months and simply can not thank you enough. You are an incredibly powerful, positive, and action based self help resource and have changed my life for the better in so many ways. Porn has led me down a very dark and painful path but you have helped me change my life for the better and I just can’t thank you enough.  Thanks for everything. “ C.C.

Trooper Membership
$5 / Month
Discord community chat
Community forum
Monthly Live Call
The backlog of exclusive Vancast podcasts
Elite Membership
$60 / Month
Everything from Trooper Plus:
Monthly Apex Report Print Newsletter
Radiant Willcraft advanced guide on the CUT, CLAIM, and reCLAIM techniques (also print)
Weekly Live Calls & their Recordings
Big Win Community Accountability Tracker