Conquer Yourself

Start winning on the battlefield of the will so you can become a man you admire and unleash your apex potential


Get your mindset, emotions and instincts aligned to your values.
Your instincts evolved in a time that no longer exists – it’s time they got an upgrade.


Switch on your discipline, streamline your habits and prevent yourself from hitting the emotional ‘escape button’ ever time you feel uncomfortable.


Accomplish what you know you’re capable of.
Then level up and accomplish what you DREAM of.


The modern man has more potential for self mastery, productivity and achievement than any generation before him.

Modern distractions and vices are the greatest threats to your personal success. Our culture of indulgence, along with the the technology that supports this culture, will only continue to evolve and gain power. Our only hope to live a life we are proud of is to have our focus and discipline evolve at an even FASTER rate. Many guys have tried their hardest to improve their lives to no avail. They find themselves helplessly stuck in patterns of escapism and self-limiting behaviors that put a leash on their own potential. At Universal Man we’ll give you the next level mindset, battle tested strategies, and top tier community you need break to free from the bullshit that’s holding you back so you can live on the front lines of life and become a man that you truly admire.


Universal Man Podcast

Conversations about the pitfalls and opportunities of the modern world, from the perspective of a Universal Man.

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You should treat this site as a resource to come back to throughout your journey to enhanced productivity and addiction recovery.

There are literally hundreds of hours of high quality training videos for men wanting to reach the next level in their lives.

I’m always adding new video series, fresh perspectives and PDF guides on new discoveries, new breakthroughs in thinking and the latest in masculinity advice.

Don’t take my word for it, see what others have to say:

Mark Queppet

Universal Man Founder

“Game Changer”

“I thought I knew it all about reboot. Not even close. Amazing course. You might think you know all the details, but I can almost garuantee that you’ll find something here that’s “been missing”. The sense of clarity is amazing. I finally feel hope that I can actually do this, because I finally have a perfect guide on taking me to my destination. Worth every cent and probably more.

Course Graduate, 2019

“Very Helpful”

I’m less than halfway through course, but I find it very helpful already. I find Mark’s down to earth style, practical & very relatable. He’s put out a lot of good content over the years on Youtube, & I looked forward to taking this course. As I figured it would be a distilled version of the knowledge he has acquired over the years. Thank you, Mark, for your consistency in helping men be the best versions of themselves!

Course Graduate, 2018

“This is it.”

“As always, Mark has outdone himself. This is it. Look no further. This course is the definitive guide to quitting unhealthy habits and radically transform how you see yourself and other people. No more grasping, no more cravings. This course will teach you how to be content with the world as it is, and create a meaningful and productive path so that you don’t have to escape any more.”

Course Graduate, 2019